Hungarian Startup to Enter the Market of Soccer Card Trading Games

Footy Cards, a Hungarian startup based in Debrecen, Hungary has recently secured an investment of $190,000 to finance the next phase of their project. The company has been developing an application that provides the experience of classic trading cards on mobile. The product is scheduled to be finished by the end of February 2018 and the startup aims to sell on the international market.

Another Hungarian startup is about to enter the international market of online football games. Footy Cards is based in Debrecen, Hungary, and has recently secured a $190,000 investment funded by EH Invest and European Union resources. The company is about to start the next phase of their project, planning to use the funds not only to finance the last stage of the development itself, but also the marketing of the live product.

Footy Cards was founded by Tamás Varga, who has been involved in sport marketing since 2009, mainly working on projects related to soccer. He is also the mastermind behind the new game, as, being a devoted fan of soccer and trading cards, he has been always sad to admit that there was never a game on the international market that focused on soccer and at the same time recalled the experience of traditional baseball and basketball trading cards. Even the soccer cards available in printed form today are far from achieving that, as they are produced for a wholly different market with different needs comparing to their American counterparts. When analysing this situation, Varga and his colleagues were able to identify a niche market.

Therefore the team designing the game has adopted a goal of coming out with a mobile application that could be able to fill this market gap. To achieve that, they have been focusing not only on the structure and design of the application itself, but also on the design of particular cards. Rather common, less valuable cards will be crafted with premium design just like the rare ones bearing considerably higher value, and even special cards with a handcrafted design will be added

The team led by Varga plans to sell the product on the international market, primarily in the form of partnership deals. The product could be an ideal marketing tool for clients coming from different fields when introduced to their inventory as a brand new type of online content.

The live version of the product is scheduled to be available by the end of February 2018. As Footy Cards is being developed for the international market, the first collections available would be the players of the English Premier League and the UEFA Champions League. The first big milestone for the company would be the FIFA World Cup in the summer of 2018, which will bear particular relevance, especially from a marketing point of view.

About the game Footy Cards

Footy Cards is a trading card game for mobile. In the application, users are able to collect virtual cards of real life soccer players by buying packages and also to trade cards between themselves.

Apart from the premium design, an important feature of the cards will be the live statistics, automatically updating after every match to always display the actual data of players. Therefore the game experience would be essentially different from collecting physical soccer cards that usually bear retrospective statistics or virtual data. Not to mention the fact that by keeping their deck within a mobile application, for the users it would be impossible to lose cards. It is even in the motto of the team: ‘Never lose a card!’

The market of trading cards

Trading cards have a 150-year-old history in the United States, going back to the 1860s and the forming of professional baseball. Trading cards appeared together with the emergence of pro athletes and are still recognised as collectibles today. Meanwhile in Europe, sports cards only has started to become popular in recent decades. Since soccer fans were not as focused on statistics back then as they are today, these cards have been produced for entirely different purposes and with different quality.

There are several large companies present on the market of printed soccer cards, however the field is considerably wider when it comes to mobile trading card games. Soccer cards available currently — both physical and online issues — are usually action cards that can be used in a simple strategic game, rather than collectibles like the ones produced for US sports.